COFA Annual 09

Posted in events, my work by mesmeri on 03/12/2009

It definitely is the end of an era – not only for the graduates of 2009, but for the College of Fine Arts as we know it. Next year, a comprehensive redevelopment will take place to transform the campus into a futuristic hub on Oxford Street. Those of us who are leaving this incubator themed the exhibition around construction.

Check out our work online.


COFA Annual

Posted in events, my work by mesmeri on 19/11/2009

Four years of design school is all over!
Make sure you come to our Annual Graduation show next week.

spring cycle

Posted in events, travel by mesmeri on 27/09/2009

Getting up at 6am on a Sunday and cycling 40km is not something I do every weekend, but I must
say – it was strangely addictive.
Wait till my leg muscles wake up tomorrow morning…

beer critics

Posted in events by mesmeri on 25/09/2009

Brought back memories of Holland and Belgium, where (and when) I turned into a beer drinker.
We took this beer review thing seriously… but at least this time I’ll remember their names (the beers!).

extra cheeese

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