spring cycle

Posted in events, travel by mesmeri on 27/09/2009

Getting up at 6am on a Sunday and cycling 40km is not something I do every weekend, but I must
say – it was strangely addictive.
Wait till my leg muscles wake up tomorrow morning…


beer critics

Posted in events by mesmeri on 25/09/2009

Brought back memories of Holland and Belgium, where (and when) I turned into a beer drinker.
We took this beer review thing seriously… but at least this time I’ll remember their names (the beers!).

innovative graffiti

Posted in research, street art by mesmeri on 09/09/2009

I never want to pick up a spray can again after seeing these… and the best thing about them is that they’re not exactly illegal…


I love the idea of this – greening an otherwise unaesthetic space through growth – by Anna Garforth:



Instead of adding paint, grime is spot-removed; thus doing a service to the city via cleaning. This method was first used by a British artist called Moose:

Since then, many more artists have jumped on board, worthy of particular notice is Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion:

Its simplicity and temporal nature means it can be done by anyone on just about anything, as demonstrated by Scott Wade‘s witty car art:



This is a guerilla project called New York Street Advertising Takeover, where a group of artists were invited to white-out and then recreate artworks on unregistered / illegal billboards around New York in April 2009.