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fruit face ii

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fruit face original

dappled cities listening exhibition

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Dappled Cities is amazing. Not only do they put on electrifying live shows, but they have plenty of imagination when it comes to taking music to a whole new level

Today, Anh and I ventured to their secret gig Listening Exhibition held at the unlikely venue of Kennards Storage World (not even Kennards workers had any idea of what was going on).

Anh: I hope we’re in the right place.
Julia: We’re definitely in the right place. There are way too many people in skinny jeans at Kennards…

Dappled Cities hired out 12 self storage spaces and collaborated with artists to create 12 scenes inspired by their forthcoming album Zounds.

We made our way through the song list backwards.

12: STEPSHADOWS (Tom Gardiner)

11: APART (Tiyan Baker)

One of our favourites – a real-life couple confined into a space, together but apart. Separated from the real world by a clear curtain.

Instead of talking to each other, they communicate with the audience by writing on the clear curtain.

10: MIDDLE PEOPLE (Patricia Ward)

09: KID (Little Gonzales)

This is made from lollies

08: DON’T STOP THERE (Emma Sanderson)

07: MINIATURE ALAS (Ferris McQuinty)

06: THE NIGHT IS YOUNG AT HEART (Adam James Turnbull)

05: SLOW FOR ME, MY ISLAND (Bec Young)

04: WOODEN SHIPS (An Optimism of Youth)

03: THE PRICE (Julie Doyle)

02: THE ANSWER IS ZERO (Melissa White & Alex Clapham)

A scene from a Michel Gondry movie?


01: HOLD YOUR BACK (Sandra Veljanovski)

Where the audience was invited to draw on the (beautifully textured) walls.

Anh’s contribution (us two dancing in a previous room)

My contribution (subtle indeed, even the wall agrees)

The Exhibition was followed by a live set.

Kennards Storage World becomes the new indie hangout. I definitely can’t wait to receive the new album!

mesmeri angler

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I made this font today.

decision shoot

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Finally finished editing my batch of photos from this shoot!