Jackson Hole

Posted in photography, travel by mesmeri on 17/02/2010

Jackson Hole: elk country; beautiful snow; amazing natural hot springs; friendly people (and animals).
I never thought this would happen.. but I think I’m becoming a winter person.


revisiting holland

Posted in my work, photography, travel by mesmeri on 26/01/2010

I’m off to San Francisco (and Jackson Hole) in a few days, planning to bring 3 cameras:

  • digital point and shoot camera / video / panoramic: for all the skiing (which is most of this trip)
  • LOMO: ah the unpredictable charm of film, if film and developing was free, I’d be shooting with lomos all day, (and my room would not have enough room to hold them)
  • digital SLR: how can I go without it?
  • Is this excessive? I didn’t have my DSLR when I lived in the Netherlands, in fact, all I had was an old digital point and shoot that broke right at the beginning. I managed to snap these before that happened though. They were taken in and around Rotterdam, Utrecht, Dordrecht and Delftshaven.

    As grey as it was, I still miss Holland.

    spring cycle

    Posted in events, travel by mesmeri on 27/09/2009

    Getting up at 6am on a Sunday and cycling 40km is not something I do every weekend, but I must
    say – it was strangely addictive.
    Wait till my leg muscles wake up tomorrow morning…

    new york new york

    Posted in photography, travel by mesmeri on 19/08/2009

    No, I was never there, but Dane has just arrived back. He brought back a mini digi lomo for me.
    I told him to fill it with pictures of New York… so here they are!