pixel mash

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I went to watch the Pixel Mash finals last night. It’s basically a “design-off” where designers battle it out – each contestant being given a word, an image, and 15 minutes to come up with a design.

They were a couple of contestants short yesterday so Nicole volunteered ourselves…


First Round
image: radio

It was very stressful. I was not prepared. I didn’t even know what to do until there was 4 minutes to go, but somehow, I managed to do this:

The audience voted in that round and I won. I was so happy to have been able to come up with something in such a stressful environment, and went to sit down. Then I was told I had to go in the finals in ten minutes against the finalists from previous weeks. I was still overwhelmed from the previous round, but here goes…


Second Round
image: old mouse

Unlike in the first round, I sat for a few minutes and thought about exactly what I wanted to convey. It was in the “how” that I had problems. 10 minutes of madly scribbling / deleting in Illustrator and Photoshop later, I had this:

Very poorly drawn, but the idea is there… I kicked myself when I saw the other beautifully illustrated and highly-polished entries. Then came the audience voting and judging. My friends must have been the loudest cheerers in the world, because I won! I got some nice products from the Apple Store.

It was the most unexpected thing ever, suddenly I had two more bags to carry… but no complaining here!


fruit face

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Alex Rockmelonface

Evan Grannysmithface

Tim Mandarinface

Doug Kumquatface

Andrew Kiwifruitface

Nikki Strawberryface

Paul Mangosteenface

Alice Pearface

Nicole Appleface

Greta Orangeface

Julia Bananaface

fruit face ii

pure ii

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Diandra Forrest

Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross and Diandra Forrest – African American albino models


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I came across this magnificent model Connie Chiu, a Chinese albino whose family emigrated to Sweden when she was young, where the sun was kinder for her sensitive skin. She has modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier and worked with photographers such as Nick Knight and Giovanni Gastel. She is the only albino high fashion model in the world. I’m completely fascinated and inspired by her look!


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Everyone is talking about Banksy and his latest work at the Bristol Museum.
I wish I could be there to see it in person… all the animatronics would have been pretty amazing.

All images are from the Banksy Versus Bristol Museum Flickr Group.
Thanks in particular to ault and opalfruits.