revisiting holland

Posted in my work, photography, travel by mesmeri on 26/01/2010

I’m off to San Francisco (and Jackson Hole) in a few days, planning to bring 3 cameras:

  • digital point and shoot camera / video / panoramic: for all the skiing (which is most of this trip)
  • LOMO: ah the unpredictable charm of film, if film and developing was free, I’d be shooting with lomos all day, (and my room would not have enough room to hold them)
  • digital SLR: how can I go without it?
  • Is this excessive? I didn’t have my DSLR when I lived in the Netherlands, in fact, all I had was an old digital point and shoot that broke right at the beginning. I managed to snap these before that happened though. They were taken in and around Rotterdam, Utrecht, Dordrecht and Delftshaven.

    As grey as it was, I still miss Holland.



    Posted in my work, typography by mesmeri on 25/12/2009

    It’s been a crazy year, I’ll leave you with this little animation Ali and I did.

    COFA Annual 09

    Posted in events, my work by mesmeri on 03/12/2009

    It definitely is the end of an era – not only for the graduates of 2009, but for the College of Fine Arts as we know it. Next year, a comprehensive redevelopment will take place to transform the campus into a futuristic hub on Oxford Street. Those of us who are leaving this incubator themed the exhibition around construction.

    Check out our work online.

    COFA Annual

    Posted in events, my work by mesmeri on 19/11/2009

    Four years of design school is all over!
    Make sure you come to our Annual Graduation show next week.

    extra cheeese

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