innovative graffiti

Posted in research, street art by mesmeri on 09/09/2009

I never want to pick up a spray can again after seeing these… and the best thing about them is that they’re not exactly illegal…


I love the idea of this – greening an otherwise unaesthetic space through growth – by Anna Garforth:



Instead of adding paint, grime is spot-removed; thus doing a service to the city via cleaning. This method was first used by a British artist called Moose:

Since then, many more artists have jumped on board, worthy of particular notice is Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion:

Its simplicity and temporal nature means it can be done by anyone on just about anything, as demonstrated by Scott Wade‘s witty car art:



This is a guerilla project called New York Street Advertising Takeover, where a group of artists were invited to white-out and then recreate artworks on unregistered / illegal billboards around New York in April 2009.


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